Nurse - RN Bilingual

Georgia Baptist Children's Homes and Family Ministries, Inc.

Job Category
Sub Category : Registered Nurse
Summary of the Job:
Contact with clients to monitor, evaluate, educate and/or carry out physician’s order. The Nurse should be committed to Sanctuary practice utilizing tools that reinforce our shared language to create a trauma-responsive culture.
Primary Responsibilities:
  • Provide medical oversight in the program will all clients as needed.
  • Provide directions of care to staff from medical appointments.
  • Provide onsite services as needed.
  • Educate the client about medical, nutritional, and other health issues related to the individual’s needs.
  • Provide on call services for emergency medical needs.
  • Provide training for medication administration.
  • Communicate with and work in conjunction with agency doctor, physician, or psychiatrist.
  • Utilize personal safety plan for managing emotions and interactions with staff and clients.
Required Education/Experience:
Registered Nurse within the scope of O.C.GA Practice Acts
Necessary Skills:
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Bilingual in Spanish and English.
  • Understanding of public sector services and supports
  • Planning and time management skills
  • General computer knowledge
  • Adequate training or experience to demonstrate the possession of knowledge and skills necessary to perform the duties and tasks assigned to this position.
Ongoing Qualifications:
  • Agree to abide by all the policies, rules, guidelines and regulations of the Georgia Baptist Children's Homes and Family Ministries, Inc.
  • Exhibit tactfulness and good judgment in dealing with people.
  • Familiar with traditional Baptist tenets, customs and practices and shall maintain a compatible lifestyle.
  • Meet all employee guidelines and qualifications as outlined by GBCH & FM, license, contracts, and accreditation.
  • Exhibit the Core Values of Georgia Baptist Children’s Homes and Family Ministries, Inc.
  • Utilize the Sanctuary Model of Care and conduct job responsibilities in a trauma-responsive manner.
  • Have the ability to work in partnership with other members in a team approach.
  • Arrive to work on time and as scheduled.
  • Achieve and accomplish annual goals assigned by supervisor or provide acceptable documentation as to why goals were not met.
  • Understanding of confidential issues and protected information assigned under HIPAA.
  • Complete required staff development hours within the program, current CPR, 1st Aid and approved emergency safety intervention training.
  • Annual physical
  • Favorable MVR and fingerprint results
  • Maintain valid State Driver’s License as required.
  • Able to show proof of required vaccinations/immunizations.
Job Location
Palmetto, Georgia, United States
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