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Posted : 2023-11-14

FlexSchool is looking to hire an hourly part-time high school Spanish teacher. If you have a heart for teaching gifted and twice-exceptional students, we are offering an exciting opportunity to be part of our unique approach to delivering quality education.

FlexSchool is a fun and challenging learning community for the neuro-diverse. From our founder to our youngest student, we learn from each other and the world every day. Our students are gifted and/or twice-exceptional, meaning they process information differently. The standard school model often doesn't work well for them. FlexSchool removes the roadblocks to learning and offers individualized support so our students can succeed.

We love teachers who live outside the box and think that quirky is beautiful. Much like our students find their tribe when attending FlexSchool, our employees often feel the same. Our staff are open, collaborative, bright, funny, and warm. A common statement made by our teachers is, �I was this kid when I was in school and I wish FlexSchool had existed then!�

The rate for this position is $42.50 per hour.

Desired Skills

FlexSchool teachers are creative, enthusiastic, and curious. They enjoy the rewards and challenges of working with gifted young people and with those who may also struggle with some learning differences. Flexibility and innovation are essential in a FlexSchool classroom. Instruction includes small seminars for personalized learning and acceleration when necessary.

FlexSchool is a highly collaborative environment as teachers work with each other, the Head of School, learning specialists, and other FlexSchool campuses to create lessons and plans that allow each student to academically soar. Professional development is an ongoing learning process from a trained staff of professionals.


Job Location
Bronxville, New York, United States
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