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Bernalillo Public Schools

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Posted : 2023-04-09
    JobID: 312

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    Middle School Teaching/Foreign Language - Spanish
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    Upon Hire

    Jod Title: Spanish Teacher


    The teacher selected must have knowledge of CCSS and spanish curriculum

    • Accurately demonstrate knowledge of the content area, approved curriculum and pedagogical skills.
    • Demonstrating Knowledge of Students; Students’ interest and cultural heritage and Students’ special needs.
    • Setting Instructional Outcomes; Suitability for diverse students, value, sequence, alignment, clarity and balance.
    • Designing Coherent Instruction; Learning activities, instructional materials, resources and lesson & unit structure.
    • Designing Student Assessments; Congruence with instructional outcomes and/or formative assessments.
    • Creating and Environment of Respect and Rapport; Teacher interactions with students, including both words and actions.
    • Establishing a Culture for learning to include; expectations for learning and achievement.
    • Managing Classroom Procedures to include; instructional groups, transitions, materials and supplies, and performance of classroom routines.
    • Managing Student Behavior to include; expectations, monitoring of student behavior and response to student misbehavior.
    • Organizing Physical Space to include; safety and accessibility and arrangement of furniture and use of physical resources.
    • Communicating with Families or individuals; about the instructional program, about individual students and engagement of families in the instructional program.
    • Communicating with Students to include; Expectations for learning for all students, directions for activities and explanations of content.
    • Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques including; Quality of questions/prompts and student participation.
    • Engaging Students in Learning to include; Grouping of students and structure and pacing.
    • Using Assessment in Instruction to include; Monitoring of student learning, feedback to students and student self-assessment and monitoring of progress.
    • Utilize student assessment techniques and procedures.
    • Work productively with colleagues, parents, community members and administration.
    • Follow board policies and administrative rules and regulations.
    • Take precautions to protect equipment, materials, and facilities.
    • Maintain accurate and complete records as required by the school district, and report progress or lack thereof to parents in a timely manner.
    • Attend and participate in faculty meetings.
    • Complete duties (hall, bus, etc.) as assigned.
    • Leave adequate preparations for a substitute.
    • Use and apply appropriate conflict resolutions skills.
    • Demonstrate public relations skills.
    • Use diagnostic data to improve instructional programs.
    • Select, use, and interpret evaluation data.
    • Be available to parents, students, administration, and peers outside the school day, if needed.
    • Report suspected child abuse and neglect.
    • Be responsible for students on field trips.
    • Act as a good role model within the context of the school.
    • Understand and apply learning theories.
    • Understand and participate in the development, use, and implementation of individualized education plans

    (IEP’s), individualized transition plans/SAT plans/504 plans, and Academic Improvement plans including making necessary modifications. Come prepared with data, grades and all pertinent information to assist the team in decision making.

    • Account for assigned equipment and materials, providing principal with inventory.
    • Serve as a member of the SAT as needed.
    • Report unsafe or dangerous surfaces and/or conditions in hallways, restrooms, playgrounds, entrances, and classrooms.
    • Maintain security for and administer state required assessments.
    • Maintain confidentiality with sensitive matters.
    • Be flexible and able to prioritize tasks.
    • Report to work on time and work no less than 7.25 hours per day.
    • Ability to deescalate students/parents; listening/visiting with them about their concerns prior to them meeting with administrators.
    • Other tasks as may be deemed appropriate and necessary by your principal.

    Requirements/Required Skills/Experience:

    Licensure in secondary education with endorsement in Foreign Languages -Spanish

    Required to pass a back ground check

    • All BPS Positions are Subject to Funding

    Salary Schedule:
    Level I-$50,400-$57,398
    Level II-$61,900-$73,294
    Level III-$76,000-$76,752

Job Location
Bernalillo, New Mexico, United States
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