Staff Interpreter I (Spanish)

State of South Carolina

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Professional Services
Posted : 2023-07-14

The South Carolina Judicial Branch (SCJB), invites applications for Staff Interpreter I (Spanish) in Court Services.

Under direct management of a supervisor, provides interpreting services for parties, victims, witnesses, or jurors who have limited English proficiency-and whose native language is Spanish-in a variety of court settings (or remotely) throughout the local region and statewide, using communication appropriate to the language and intent of the speaker in order to put the non-English speaker on the same footing as the person who understands English.

This job bulletin represents general duties for this position and is not intended to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive. Other duties may be required and assigned.

  • Facilitate communication for people with limited English proficiency using simultaneous and consecutive modes at court proceedings. Make sight translations of court related documents for the benefit of the court. Facilitate effective communication between two parties that do not speak the same language by converting one spoken language to another; specifically, between English and Spanish. Notify the court of any issues or situations that may impede the interpreters' performance.

  • Translate documents between English and Spanish to enable court participants to participate in the proceedings. Edit and proofread text to accurately reflect writer's intent. Use glossaries and dictionaries for reference.

  • Maintain strict confidentiality and a professional, ethical, and respectful image as a staff interpreter representing the Judicial Branch. Adhere to common principles of professionalism to include being punctual and prepared; dress in accordance with the SCJB's dress code; be courteous and civil when interacting with the judge, counsel, parties, clerk's staff, and the public; remain a neutral observer; refrain from causing disruptions to the proceedings; and exercise the highest levels of professional integrity in the disposition of the job responsibilities and in accordance with Rule 511 – The Rules of Professional Conduct for Court Interpreters.

  • Maintain current knowledge of federal and state laws, code of ethics, Rule 511 – The Rules of Professional Conduct for Court Interpreters, program rules, regulations, requirements, and restrictions. Collaborate with staff attorney assigned to interpreting issues to monitor changes/updates of South Carolina laws pertaining to interpreting. Attend interpreter related meetings as required. Translates court forms as needed.

  • Research and understand terminology used in court and functions of the court which may include but not be limited to legal, technological, scientific, and/or medical terminology. Devote unscheduled time in the office to improving skills, increasing knowledge, developing workshops, and translating court forms. Attend and participate in workshops and conferences to improve and maintain interpreting skill level, and keep abreast of interpreting trends.

  • Perform administrative duties as assigned in order to maintain complete and accurate records of interpreting services provided for specific cases, complete required weekly timesheets, and complete monthly travel documents as needed.

  • Serve as a mentor, coach, and trainer for freelance interpreters. Assist in ongoing development of interpreter policy and procedure guide.

  • Learn and apply emerging technologies, as necessary, to perform duties in an efficient, organized, and timely manner.

  • Performs all other duties as assigned.

  • A high school diploma or higher;
  • Have reached the “otherwise qualified” level of court interpreting in South Carolina including completing the Two-Day Workshop and passing the Written Examination;
  • Have skills necessary to pass the Oral Examination for Court Interpreters to become fully certified within two (2) years of employment;
  • Three (3) years of court interpreting experience; OR one (1) year of court interpreting experience and five (5) years of legal, conference, or medical interpreting experience or a combination thereof;
  • Ability to accurately interpret from English into Spanish and from Spanish into English via sight translation, consecutive interpreting, and simultaneous interpreting; and
  • Must have dependable transportation as this position requires travel to courthouses regionally and statewide.



  • Knowledge of and understanding of legal concepts and terminology in both the English and Spanish language;
  • Knowledge of and adherence to interpreter ethics, standards, and Rule 511 – The Rules of Professional Conduct for Court Interpreters; and
  • Familiarity with the general range of regional and cultural variations in the specified language.


  • Proficient in the use of computers and computer equipment to include portable equipment such as a receiver and transmitter needed to facilitate interpreting in the court setting;
  • Correct usage of grammar and vocabulary of English and non-English language specified, provided the source language speaker is using correct grammar and vocabulary.

Ability to:

  • Orally convey the meaning from and into English and the applicable non-English language by interpreting in the simultaneous, consecutive, and sight translation modes; the meaning must be conveyed accurately, without editing, summarizing, adding meaning, or omitting;
  • Interpret accurately and remain impartial including in an adversarial and, at times, emotionally charged situation;
  • Understand and adhere to South Carolina statutes, rules of court and applicable personnel rules concerning court interpretation;
  • Maintain concentration in a time-pressured environment;
  • Deal with others in a courteous and professional manner;
  • Communicate effectively with judges, attorneys, clerk’s staff, and the general public; Ability to work collaboratively with various groups of people including, but not limited to, the judge, clerk of court, solicitor, defense attorneys, representatives from government agencies, jury, victim, and litigants;
  • Work collaboratively with various groups of people including, but not limited to, judges, clerks of court, solicitors, defense attorneys, representatives from government agencies, jury, victims, and litigants; and
  • Work independently, exercising good judgement and discretion.

The South Carolina Judicial Branch offers an exceptional benefits package for FTE positions that include:

  • Health, Dental, Vision, Long Term Disability, and Life Insurance for Employee, Spouse, and Children;
  • State Retirement Plan and Deferred Compensation Programs (Temporary positions have option to enroll);
  • 15 days paid annual (vacation) leave per year;
  • 15 days paid sick leave per year;
  • Option to designate 10 days of earned paid sick leave per year as family sick leave;
  • 13 paid state holidays;
  • Paid Parental Leave; and
  • Workers’ Compensation Benefits.


The South Carolina Judicial Branch is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all applicants and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, gender, pregnancy, age, or disability.

Job Location
Columbia, South Carolina, United States
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