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Posted : 2023-07-14
Position Description

Stark State College is looking for an Adjunct Instructor who will teach in traditional and non-traditional modalities; preparation of instructional materials; assessment of student performance, including electronic submission of Never Attends, Early Alerts, and final grades by the required date; and ability to work with different learning styles. Must have the ability to work effectively with a diverse student population. Must be able to develop and implement innovative approaches to pedagogy, including instruction of both developmental and non-developmental courses.

This is a part-time position. Hours may include day, evening, and weekends.

Essential Functions

Experience in college-level teaching is strongly preferred. Must be able to develop and implement innovative approaches to the learning environment, including instruction of both developmental and college courses. Must possess excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills. Ability to function effectively and productively in team-based initiatives is critical. Ability to use technology that includes MS Office programs and internet-delivered materials is required. Enthusiasm for teaching and continuous professional development is highly valued.

Education, Experience and Licensure/Certification Requirements

For English Adjunct- A Master's degree in English is required for this position.

For Spanish Adjunct- A Master's degree in Spanish is required for this position.

In order to improve hiring efficiency, be more responsive, and help us find the best candidates Stark State has implemented the use of a few recruiting tools such as Qualifi and Skill Survey. You may hear from us through one of these platforms during the recruitment process.

Qualifi is a cloud-based phone interviewing platform. Think of this like traditional phone interviews, but faster – allowing us to be more responsive to you, the applicant.

Checking candidates’ references for multiple top candidates provides a valuable means of verifying skills and experience represented in resumes and interviews. SkillSurvey Reference®, a cloud-based, data-driven solution allows us to access relevant feedback from references provided by our candidates. The chosen references receive job-specific surveys on at least 26 critical behaviors and skills. These behavioral competencies have been scientifically studied and have been shown to correlate with work outcomes.

Should you have any questions regarding your application or our recruiting and hiring process, please reach out to

State Teachers Retirement System
The State Teachers Retirement System (STRS), was established to provide a secure retirement for Ohio's public educators. STRS is available to all faculty members. The College contributes 14% of the employee's wages for the retirement benefit and the employee contributes 14% of their wages toward the retirement benefit.

All instructional and general fees for credit, audit, or non-credit courses offered at Stark State College will be paid by the College from the income of the College budgeted for employee benefits up to an amount per academic semester not to exceed such fees for six credit hours per semester.

A part-time employee may enroll in any section or course on a space-available basis. To qualify for this benefit, employees:
  • Shall take the course(s) during a semester in which they are currently working.
  • Shall have instructed a minimum of 8 credit hours or 13 CEUs at Stark State College or if paid hourly, worked a minimum of 320 hours before receiving this benefit.
  • Must obtain the approval of their supervisor. Employees paid on an hourly basis shall refer to the minimum hours worked requirement to qualify for the benefit. The employee's primary position during the semester the benefit is used determines the employee's eligibility.
Eligible part-time employees desiring this benefit must complete an Instructional Fee Waiver form available on mystarkstate and must submit it to the employee's supervisor for approval.
Instructional fees are available for IRS dependents of part-time employees. All instructional and general fees for credit, audit, or non-credit courses offered at Stark State College will be paid by the College from income of the College budgeted for employee benefits for dependents of part-time employees for six semester hours per academic year per employee.

Dependents of part-time employees may enroll in any section or course on a space-available basis. The student will be required to pay the processing fee and all other incidental fees associated with the course enrolled in each semester.

Dependents of employees classified as student workers, substitute workers, or seasonal workers will not be eligible to participate in this program. Dependents of part-time employees who are eligible for tuition waivers such as College Credit Plus, various scholarships and grants, and other such nonloan programs must use those funds prior to use of the Instructional Fee Waiver benefit.
The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers confidential support for you and your household members, dependents living away from home, and parents & parents-in-law. Professional phone support is available around-the-clock, on an unlimited basis, offering you and your family members peace of mind that there is always someone to talk to, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Face-to-face counseling is also available, with up to 5 sessions included per problem occurrence.

Tax Sheltered Annuity Programs (403 b and 457).
AFLAC (Short-term disability).
Allstate, Liberty Mutual (Insurance options)

Job Location
North Canton, Ohio, United States
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