High School: Spanish, Lead Teacher - Lynn, MA (2024-2025)

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Posted : 2023-11-02
Company Description

Our Mission

The mission of all of KIPP Massachusetts schools is to create an environment where students develop the academic skills, intellectual habits and character traits necessary to maximize their potential in high school, college and the world beyond. Our program is based on:

  • A focus on high-quality instruction supported by rigorous professional development to ensure that our students develop the academic skills necessary to pursue the life they choose.
  • A high regard for character development to ensure that our students and staff celebrate and develop their character and identity strengths.
  • An emphasis on family engagement, because we believe that our students are most likely to be able to maximize their potential when we work in partnership with our students and their families.
  • A focus on college readiness for all students so that all students can make choices about their post-secondary education and future.

What We Do

We seek to provide a world-class education for students from educationally underserved communities in Lynn and Boston. Our student demographics mirror those of neighborhood schools in terms of race, socioeconomic status, Multilingual Learners (MLL), and students who receive special education services.

Our promise to families is that their children will enter college and the professional world able to thrive academically due to their literacy, numeracy, and core knowledge in science and social studies. We also promise that our students will develop the zest for learning and grit necessary to persevere as they climb the mountain to and through college and career. Our graduates will be prepared to return to their community as teachers, leaders, and architects of continued growth in Lynn and Boston.

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity Vision

At KIPP Massachusetts, we believe that Knowledge is Power. Every day, our team and family have the opportunity to either perpetuate systems of oppression or disrupt them. We are compelled by the ideals of diversity, equity, and inclusivity. Therefore, we continuously commit to operating as an anti-racist organization. Read more at Diversity Equity Inclusivity Vision.

Who We Are

KIPP Massachusetts began enrolling students in 2004. We currently hold two charters, operating two “districts.” Our first district, KIPP Academy Lynn Charter School, is based in Lynn, MA. Our second district, KIPP Academy Boston Charter School, is based in Mattapan, MA. Each district is housed on one or more “campuses,” which we use to refer to different grade spans, for example, elementary grades, middle school grades, or high school grades.

In Lynn, KIPP Academy Lynn Elementary (serving grades K-4), KIPP Academy Lynn Middle (serving grades 5-8), and KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate (serving grades 9-12), are all under our Lynn charter. Admission to any grade in the Lynn district is admission to all remaining grades in the Lynn district K-12. 66% of our students in Lynn are Hispanic, 23% are African American and 11% are other races/ethnicities.

In Boston, KIPP Academy Boston Elementary (serving grades K-4), and KIPP Academy Boston (serving grades 5-8), are both under our Boston charter. Admission to any grade in the Boston district is admission to all remaining grades in the Boston district, K-8. 68% of our students in Boston are African American, 30% are Hispanic and 2% are other races/ethnicities.

Across both districts, KIPP Massachusetts serves over 2,200 students.

KIPP National

KIPP Massachusetts partners with the KIPP Foundation, or KIPP National, which is a non-profit national network of college-preparatory public charter schools serving elementary, middle and high school students. KIPP National has a 25-year track record of preparing our students in educationally underserved communities for success in college and life.

There are 242 KIPP schools in 20 states plus the District of Columbia educating over 100,000 students on their path to and through college and career. We believe that excellent academic, safe and structured schools, empowered teachers, an emphasis on character development and support through college are the foundation for student success, and we strive to provide this for every student.

All KIPP schools, whether they are in Massachusetts or in other states, are part of the free public school system in their respective states and enrollment is open to all students. KIPP public charter schools are given more academic and budgetary flexibility than traditional public schools, and in exchange commit to deliver high-quality academic results for students.

Job Description

Lead Teacher

KIPP MA is looking for talented, committed, and culturally competent lead teachers who have the power to amplify our children’s potential by creating a school experience that affirms, values, and challenges students each day. We seek to create a professional and authentic environment of joy, excellence, care, and community where educators can make long-term transformative outcomes for students.

Educators at KIPP MA

  • Are committed to anti-racism and inclusion
  • Are part of a close-knit, diverse community of educators and leaders
  • Show up authentically, inspiring our children to do the same
  • Access resources, workshops, and affinity spaces that support physical, emotional, and financial well-being
  • Lead with empathy, rigor, and truth and take ownership of our children’s learning and growth
  • Constantly evolve their craft through 1:1 coaching and high quality professional development
  • Have access to leadership pathways and opportunities to grow their career
  • Enjoy a competitive, equitable, predictable approach to compensation, comprehensive health benefits for employees and their families, and free access to financial services
  • Commit to supporting our students during our calendar year and resting and renewing during holiday and school breaks


Classroom Responsibilities

  • Ensure that all children feel affirmed, valued, and challenged every day
  • Create and foster a positive and safe learning environment
  • Create and internalize rigorous and engaging unit and daily lesson plans leveraging provided curricula/resources
  • May be asked to create and internalize academically aligned lesson plans, unit plans, rubrics, and assessments
  • Set specific, ambitious growth goals for all students and identify and leverage all necessary resources to ensure they meet them
  • Use best practices, including differentiation, to execute engaging instruction at a level rigorous for all students
  • Infuse core values into daily lessons and every school practice, implementing school-wide student culture systems and positive classroom management strategies
  • Regularly analyze student work and academic data to modify lessons, refine curricula, and inform instructional practice
  • Maintain accurate student grades/records and strong lines of communication with students and families regularly regarding students’ growth and progress

School and Professional Responsibilities

  • Participate in school-wide and individual professional development, including pre-service training over the summer and weekly during the academic year
  • Take ownership for the development of your craft and seek feedback from your coach (meet 1x/1-2 weeks with coach, implement feedback, engage in co-planning and active practices, participate in live coaching, etc.)
  • Perform necessary support duties including (but not limited to) coverage, bus, lunch, and dismissal duties
  • Develop strong relationships with families through participating in school events and consistent phone calls home
  • Be willing to offer support and receive constructive feedback from colleagues in order to create a professional working atmosphere that is conducive to accountability, change, and improvement
  • Collaborate with grade level and content teams to tackle common challenges and implement grade-wide systems, sharing responsibility for all students
  • Dependable attendance according to our school calendar

Regional Responsibilities

  • Embody KIPP MA’s Code of Conduct by acting with integrity, leading with humanity, centering self-awareness and critical consciousness, taking personal responsibility, and engaging productively
  • Obtain required MTEL and SEI endorsements with financial support from KIPP MA within the first year of employment
  • Participate and engage in regional professional development and community events as required

KIPP MA teachers are supported in their demanding work by experienced and dedicated leadership and staff who have themselves proven successful in the teaching role. Our leaders maintain consistent school-wide systems and procedures - academic, behavioral, cultural, logistical - designed to permit teachers to do their best work.

In addition to the responsibilities listed above, there will occasionally be other duties as assigned that teachers will engage in to help promote a positive and calm learning environment and culture.

  • Love and see the high potential of all students
  • Commitment to anti-racism and equity
  • Demonstrated ability to drive student growth and achievement and to create a warm, inclusive, rigorous learning environment
  • Passion for subject/content area and demonstrated commitment to professional learning
  • 2+ years of full-time teaching experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree required
  • COVID-19 vaccination required, unless medically or religiously exempt
  • Pass Criminal Background Check

Additional Information

What We Offer

The starting base salary for this exempt position is $55,000 (per 1.0 FTE/45 hours per week), depending on years of experience after your Bachelors degree (+$3,000 for 1st advanced degree and +$1,500 for 2nd advanced degree) with a $1,000 signing bonus—and retention and longevity bonuses in subsequent years. We offer a comprehensive tiered benefits plan, with a competitive employer contribution toward premiums for health insurance, including coverage for spouse/domestic partner and/or children. Other benefits include dental and vision plans, flexible PTO, life insurance, work-life balance benefits, paid family and medical leaves, flexible spending account options, parenting and elder care benefits, free access to financial coaching and services, commuter benefits, 403(b) plans, individualized coaching, and referral bonuses. KIPP MA may offer a relocation stipend to help defray the cost of moving for this role, where applicable.

All staff and educators at KIPP MA are committed to anti-racism and inclusion, are part of a close-knit diverse community, and are encouraged to show up authentically, inspiring our children to do the same. For more information on the benefits of joining KIPP MA, please view our Employee Value Proposition

Job Location
Lynn, Massachusetts, United States
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