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The North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS) was established by the North Carolina State Board of Education as an online community service K-12 public school for students throughout the state of North Carolina. NCVPS is governed by the North Carolina State Board of Education (NCSBE) and reports on a day-to-day basis to the Executive Director of the NCSBE. As a result of NCVPS’ work, students in the public schools of North Carolina have access to online courses that are unavailable due to teacher shortages or scheduling conflicts. These courses provide students with equity of access to a high-quality educational experience regardless of where they live within the state.


  • Management of Instructional Time: The teacher has appropriate devices, internet access, materials, supplies, and equipment so he/she is able to work each day. Teachers are required to have Office hours posted and maintained for all stakeholders (to include students, parents, and school personnel). NCVPS teachers provide instruction primarily through asynchronous methods. Teachers are required to provide instruction via the learning management system, using personalized feedback on student assignments, and communication via a variety of methods in the timeframes specified by NCVPS.

  • Instructional Presentation: The teacher facilitates lessons and instructional activities using concepts and language understandable to the students; provides relevant examples and demonstrations to illustrate concepts and skills; adheres to standards and course curriculum; and, provides personalized instruction. NCVPS teachers provide instruction via a learning management system. NCVPS teachers are required to interact daily within a variety of digital systems and must be comfortable providing basic technology troubleshooting skills in providing student assistance.

  • Collaborative: The teacher serves as a subject-matter expert and engages in continuous collaboration and communication with the enrolling school to provide a personalized learning experience for each student.

  • Instructional Monitoring of Student Performance: The teacher maintains clear, firm and reasonable standards and due dates; checks all students’ performance; and, adjusts instruction and feedback as applicable based on student and class needs.

  • Instructional Feedback: The teacher provides grading and personalized feedback for all student work to encourage student growth and mastery of concepts.

  • Digital Literacy: The teacher displays excellent digital skills and the ability to facilitate learning and community within a digital environment.

  • Facilitating Instruction: The teacher has an instructional plan which is compatible with the organizational curricular goals and, as applicable, state or national standards; uses diagnostic information obtained from tests and other assessment procedures to personalize learning and/or tasks; maintains accurate records to document student performance; has an instructional plan that aligns objectives, learning strategies, assessment and student needs at the appropriate level of difficulty; and, uses available/develops additional resources to support the instructional program.

  • Interacting Within the Educational Environment: The teacher treats all students in a fair and equitable manner; and, interacts effectively with students, co-workers, parents, and the community.

  • Performing Non-Instructional Duties: The teacher carries out non-instructional duties as assigned and/or as need is perceived; adheres to established laws, policies, rules, and regulations; follows a plan for professional development; and, demonstrates evidence of growth.

  • This position is an online (remote) position.
  • This is a contracted, part-time position with no benefits associated.
  • All course content has been created and is ready for teacher facilitation; teachers only need to add supplemental resources, etc.
  • If you are viewing this posting on a website other than NCVPS, please visit and submit an application via:

  • Spanish IV Honors


After successful interviews have been completed, selected candidates must begin participation in the NCVPS Teacher in Training (TnT) Program. The TnT is an unpaid program that prepares participants for success as an NCVPS teacher.

Each TnT Program typically spans between 11-15 weeks, depending upon curriculum need, which impacts cohort start dates. The first portion of the program consists of Coursework via the Canvas platform, followed by a live Practicum course (with students) alongside a current NCVPS teacher. Participants can expect to spend approximately 5-7 hours per week in both the Coursework and Practicum, with weekly assignment deadlines. CEUs are issued upon successful completion of each portion of the TnT Program.

Participants must successfully complete the TnT Program in order to become eligible to receive a course section. Course section assignments are based on contracts, which are based upon enrollment/curriculum needs each semester. More information can be found about the TnT Program on the NCVPS website.


The North Carolina State Board of Education (NC SBOE) requires teachers who teach for North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS) to have a current NC Professional Educator’s Teaching License in the subject areas in which they are applying to teach.

NCVPS teachers are contracted, part-time teachers. There are no benefits associated with the contracted positions. NCVPS does not hire full-time teachers. Time spent as a NCVPS teacher will
not count towards an SP1 (initial license) becoming an SP2 license.

Please provide evidence of your NC teaching license (and AP Certifications as applicable) when applying.

NCVPS is building a culturally diverse and pluralistic teaching, development, and training pool committed to teaching and working in a multicultural environment where differences are valued and respected.

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Raleigh , North Carolina, United States
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